Dance Team Auditions

Concordia's dance team members have a passion for dance and supporting Bulldog athletics.

The team performs at home football and basketball games and team members participate in annual fundraisers and community events. A yearly focus of the dance team will be a collegiate national competition.  


Dance: April 26, Noon - 2 p.m. (PE Building Gym)

Do I need to register for an audition?

Yes, all those who wish to arrange an audition or submit an audition video should register.

Register for a Dance Audition » 

Are there other ways/days to audition?

Additional auditions for the 2014-15 season may be arranged on a one-on-one or small group basis throughout the year before the deadline of May 2, 2014. Please contact Head Coach Daneen Kovar Theye to schedule an audition.  

Video: While personally attending auditions is the best way for us to evaluate your ability, we will accept video auditions through May 2, 2014 (see information below).  

When will I learn if I have made the team?

You will be contacted by phone regarding your status on the team within a few days.

What is the required technique?

If you cannot perform all of the listed techniques, show what you can do. We audition for dance performances and competitions and as the year progresses you will learn these skills and more. The Concordia dance team is dedicated to developing participants as individual dancers as well as team members.

Dance technique:

  • Right/left grand jeté
  • Center leap
  • Switch leap
  • Switch center
  • Calypso/attitude jeté
  • Right/left pirouette: double, triple 
  • One eight count fouetté turns a la seconde
  • Layout
  • Leg hold turn

Auditioning by video

We will accept video auditions through May 2, 2014.

Please send video auditions to the following address:

Concordia University
Attn: Daneen Kovar Theye 
Walz Human Performance Complex
800 N. Columbia Ave.
Seward, NE 68434

Those submitting a video audition should ...

  1. Begin the video by introducing yourself by first and last name.
  2. Work through the audition lists mentioned below for either dance or cheerleading.
  3. Complete the audition registration form prior to sending your video.

Dance audition by video:

  • Right/left grand jeté
  • Right/left center leap
  • Right/left switch leap
  • Calypso/attitude jeté
  • Pirouette: double, triple, quad
  • One eight count fouetté turns or turns a la seconde
  • Two one minute dances: one hip hop/pom and the other in a style of your choice, preferably jazz or contemporary


What is the time commitment?

The time commitment and level of intensity will be greater than that of other teams. We practice three times a week and have team workouts. Practice times are determined based on student and coach schedules. This year the schedule was as follows.


Mon./Wed./Fri. - 3-6 p.m. (practice)
Thu. -  5-6 p.m. (team workouts)

Fall overview

Strength and conditioning sessions supervised by the coach 
Football game performances 
Basketball game performances 
Kids clinic

Spring overview

Strength and conditioning sessions supervised by the coach 
Basketball game performances 
Kids clinic

What benefits are there for members of the teams?

Dancers at Concordia University are eligible for athletic scholarships. Members of the dance team receive full use of the Walz Human Performance Complex, including a state of the art weight room and training room. The dance team travels with the Concordia University basketball teams to the highly anticipated Concordia Invitational Tournament (CIT) every year.