Bulldog Hall of Fame members speak at CIT breakfast

Bulldog Hall of Fame members speak at CIT breakfast

Concordia Athletic Hall of Fame members Robert Oetting and Kelley (Robbins) Limback spoke at a Hall of Fame breakfast held on campus Jan. 25.  Friends, family members and fellow alumni attended the breakfast held during the Concordia Invitational Tournament, one of the annual athletic highlights of the school year at the university for more than 60 years.

Oetting, a 1960 graduate of Concordia High School and a 1964 graduate of the college, was inducted into the Concordia Athletic Hall of Fame in 1995. He was a multi-sport athlete but a bruiser on the gridiron. Oetting went on to play for the Los Angeles Rams and for a few teams in the Canadian Football League.

Oetting shared that what makes Concordia special to him was the “unconditional love and support from the Concordia family,” especially the faculty, coaches, classmates and teammates.

For Oetting, he appreciates that the Concordia community is like-minded in the love of the Lord.

Limback earned her bachelor's from Concordia in 2000 and recalled being involved in 15 CITs, her first as a student in 1995 and later as the wife of Concordia Ann Arbor basketball coach, Ben Limback.

Kelley described the "conflict of emotions" she felt attending CIT and rooting for the Concordia Cardinals while also being Concordia Bulldog at heart. She remembers being caught up in the excitement of CIT and before she knew it, she was standing to chant with the Concordia Nebraska fight song, “F-I-G-H-T, fight, team, fight!” Then came the funny looks from parents and the Ann Arbor athletic director, who were sitting next to her.

This year, she and Ben wanted to make sure they reconnected with many beloved faculty. They have been at Ann Arbor for 10 years, and although they are Cardinals, she feels the faculty always makes sure they know they are part of the Bulldog family.

“CIT is homecoming for us, no matter who hosts it.”


Robert Oetting


Kelley (Robbins) Limback