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1. Make sure we know about you

Complete a recruitment form: Student-Athlete Recruitment Questionnaire »

2. Stay in touch

On all team pages you'll also find a link to a Facebook Fan page. Add yourself as a fan and you won't miss the latest team news.

3. Gaining eligibility to play at Concordia

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ Eligibility Center provides initial-eligibility certification for student-athletes who plan to participate in athletics at an NAIA college or university like Concordia. First-time NAIA participants — high school students, transfers from non-NAIA schools and those who have never participated in athletics at an NAIA-member school — must register with the online service.

All student-athletes interested in enrolling at an NAIA institution like Concordia are encouraged to register well in advance of their enrollment/participation date to ensure the certification is completed on time.

Apply to attend Concordia

Apply for admission to Concordia at www.cune.edu/apply »

Head to www.PlayNAIA.org

Apply for eligibility certification at www.PlayNAIA.org » 
    Step 1: Create a password-protected account

    Step 2: Fill out your personal registration

    Step 3: Submit your information and learn more about your opportunities in the NAIA

    Step 4: Check the status of your certification

Information required

You’ll be asked to submit basic information required by the NAIA certification process.

In addition to a valid email address, students must supply:

  • Current contact information

  • Current and previous residences and addresses

  • High schools attended

  • History of your sports participation during and after high school graduation

ACT or SAT test scores

When you take the ACT or SAT, specify these codes:

  • 9876 to send scores to the NAIA Eligibility Center

  • 2442 to send ACT scores to Concordia University, Nebraska

  • 6116 to send SAT scores to Concordia University, Nebraska


Ask your high school guidance counselor or college registrar to send your official transcript to the NAIA Eligibility Center.

Payment at www.PlayNAIA.org

Through a secure transaction, your credit card or electronic check can be used for payment of the one-time fee when you register. Students that qualify for a waiver of SAT or ACT testing fees or for a free or reduced school lunch program are eligible for a waiver of the registration fee. Fee waivers will be verified by your high school.

Other eligibility

Certification of NAIA eligibility is separate from NCAA certification – the NAIA and NCAA are two different associations with different eligibility rules and certification processes.