Tuition and fees information

Undergraduate tuition and fees 2013-14

Semester tuition, undergraduate

    Full-time (12-18 hours per semester), $12,250

    All hours less than 12 credit hours, $765

    Overload (beyond 18 hours, per credit hour), $765

Semester room & board

    Dorm shared room + unlimited meals (including $50 Flex) $3,350 
    *Dorm shared room + 12 meals per week (including $100 Flex) $3,200

    Suite room + unlimited meals (including $50 Flex) $3,550 
    *Suite room + 12 meals per week (including $100 Flex) $3,400

    Apartment + unlimited meals (including $50 Flex) $4,265 
    Apartment + 12 meals per week (including $100 Flex) $4,115 
    *Apartment + 5 meals per week (including $200 Flex) $3,215

    * Minimum meal plan required for room type

Flex dollars are additional dollars that you can spend at the 10:31 coffee shop or at the Dog House Grill, which is an alternative dining option. A student can add additional flex dollars to their account in increments of $25 throughout the year.

Undergraduate sample, per year

    Tuition, $24,500

    Dorm shared room and unlimited meal plan, $6,700

    Technology fee (charged to all full-time students), $250

    Total, $31,450

So what's the bottom line? Add together your costs for tuition, room and board, then subtract from that amount your financial aid package. The resulting number is your out-of-pocket costs.

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