The Concordia Difference: Value

value > cost

As you consider your college options, calculating your cost after scholarships is certainly important, but what's more important is the value a college provides for you, both during your college experience and when you're entering the workforce.

96% of Concordia graduates have gained employment within six months of graduation compared to a national average of 50%. Concordia's placement rate was calculated from 2011 survey responders. The national rate was reported on on April 23, 2012 by Hope Yen of the Associated Press.

The Concordia Experience

Why are Concordia graduates so well-prepared for success? We believe it has everything to do with the Concordia Experience:

Christ-centered education

Students and alumni say that Christ is clearly evident on campus, in chapel, in classrooms and in the cafeteria.

Vibrant community

Students use words like “home” and “family” to describe Concordia's campus atmosphere.

Faculty who care

The faculty at Concordia cares deeply about students academically, socially and spiritually.

Academic Excellence

Concordia is committed to excellent Lutheran Christian education and has an excellent academic programs.

prepare for your career

Alumni Spotlight – Dean Flaten ’07

“Looking back on my education, I can say that it’s the professors that make Concordia successful. Not only do they care that you learn the material, they care about how you are doing all-around: physically and spiritually.”

Dean is currently a student at University of Minnesota Medical School.

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where you go to college matters

A recent study by the Lutheran Educational Conference of North America found Lutheran Christian college students, compared with public school students, were more likely to:

  • graduate in 4 years and gain a head start on their careers.
  • credit their school in helping them prepare for their first job.
  • say their experience taught them analytical thinking, effective writing and speaking, teamwork and leadership.
  • say their college helped them integrate faith into their daily lives.

According to a parent’s study, Lutheran college parents are more satisfied, too. Lutheran College parents are much more likely to be “very satisfied” with the overall educational experience of their children than public university parents, and to rate the university as a “good value” for the amount paid.

What do employers say about
Concordia Grads?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the skills and traits most valued in job candidates include communication skills, motivation/initiative, teamwork skills and leadership.

In these categories and others, the rating most frequently selected by employers to describe Concordia interns is “Excellent.”

finish in 4 years

One key to making college affordable is knowing how many years it’s going to take to graduate.

Concordia is committed to making sure you finish on time—if you create and follow a graduation plan but are unable to finish on time, Concordia will cover the cost of any additional courses you need.

Through the Concordia Graduation Commitment, Concordia promises that...

  1. You will be READY TO GRADUATE on a timeline you help set. For most students that's 4 years.
  2. You will be READY FOR THE WORLD. We will help provide you with opportunities to develop real-world skills to succeed in your vocations and most importantly, to serve God and others.
  3. We will REMAIN FAITHFUL to our strong academic standards as a Lutheran Christian university. We'll make sure you can meet all of the requirements for graduation on time and without cutting corners.
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