Brad Schick

In a greenhouse or on a glacier, biology major Brad Schick has found a home at Concordia. With minors also in chemistry and business, Brad is considering a possible career in genetics. It’s not just lab work that interests him, however. Last June, Brad went on a study tour to Canada to study arctic biology. His favorite professor, Dr. Joe Gubanyi, led the tour. According to Brad, Gubanyi shares a common trait with other Concordia teaching staff. “All the professors have a personal touch that gives Concordia a smaller-community feel.”

More Schick

Best place to study? Library

Favorite food at Janzow? Chicken fried steak

Favorite class you've taken at Concordia? Biology 112 - General Biology II  

Best thing you learned during the first year at Concordia? Not to procrastinate

What didn't you expect to find at Concordia? How friendly people are 

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