Graduate international student

Becoming an international graduate student at Concordia

All forms are contained with the downloadable application packet (link, right) unless specified otherwise. Please call the graduate office at 888-505-2863 if you need assistance.

Information on Admission International Students: Graduate Programs

An international student is one who is a citizen of a country other than the United States of America and who requires an F-1 visa status to engage in academic studies in the United States. They must be able to comply with the provisions of the Certificate of Eligibility to Study in the U.S., Form I-20. For more information click here. Students with U.S. Resident Alien status apply through the Concordia Admission Office.

1. Application form

Complete either the online application or the printable version (contained within the application packet).

2. Graduate application fee payment

If you use the online application, you will be offered an opportunity to pay the application fee. If you do not pay at that time, please visit the graduate application fee page to make payment online at any time.

3. Official transcript evaluation and submission

Provide an evaluation report and transcripts to verify credentials and provide U.S. equivalencies with a clear, consistent analysis of academic degrees and transcripts.  An evaluation may be obtained from one of our approved transcript evaluation partners (click link below to view).  Please note that a “comprehensive or “course by course” report is required. 

5. English language proficiency

Be proficient in the English language as measured by TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or other comparable instrument. A score on the TOEFL iBT test of 79 or above is required for admission. Information on taking the TOEFL test is available at US Embassy or Consulate offices or online at The student should request the TOEFL test scores be mailed to Concordia University, Nebraska - code number 6116.

6. Proof of financial support

Submit proof of financial support that will meet the total educational and living expenses for the first-year period of study at Concordia.

7. Other information and forms regarding payment

Information related to making payment for school is available online. Please contact us at 888-505-2863 for assistance.