International Students

International students who are looking to live and learn at a university that provides academic opportunities and a caring community yet brings together people from across the United States and many countries – Concordia University is the perfect place. 

There are many opportunities available at Concordia to help international students achieve their academic dreams. Here are just a few:  

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Concordia University is a student-centered institution. The university wants every student to be the very best student he/she can be and provides an academic support center to help students with their courses. Weekly group study sessions, test reviews, writing workshops, and individualized tutoring in academic subject areas are available at the ARC, located in Link Library.

Community Connections

Seward welcomes all Concordia students as part of the community. International students will appreciate the friendly small town atmosphere. Find out more about Seward and Life in Nebraska.    

Faculty Advisors

The Concordia faculty members view their positions at the university as ministries, willingly making themselves available to all students for help and guidance. Each student is assigned an academic advisor whose responsibility it is to monitor closely the academic progress of the student and provide needed assistance in time of need. Academic advisors develop positive relationships with their students that are cherished by students for years to come.

Global Opportunities Office and Director

Concordia personnel work with all international students, ensuring that their government requirements are met, academic studies progress smoothly, and that students are acclimated to the community and culture of Concordia, the City of Seward, and the United States. The Director of Global Opportunities serves as primary contact for international students once they arrive at Concordia.
 Director of Global Opportunities.

Student Life Services and Counseling

The student life office strives to enrich each student’s personal and interpersonal development through established residential life and campus life activities. Student activities are planned to help students, including international students, connect with the campus community. General personal counseling is available from both the counseling office and the campus pastor's office.