Cost & Aid

Tuition prices below are effective for cohorts beginning on and after August 28, 2017.

Degrees On-Campus/Hybrid Tuition (per credit hour)1 Online Tuition (per credit hour)1
Master of Business Administration $495 $555
Master of Education $425 $425
M.S. Athletic Administration N/A $500
Master of Healthcare Administration N/A $500
Master of Human Services N/A $425
Master of Public Health N/A $500

1Statements concerning all rates in this schedule are by way of announcement only and are not to be regarded as an offer of contract. Concordia University, Nebraska is committed to providing students with transparent and competitive tuition prices. During your uninterrupted enrollment at Concordia, and in the unlikely event tuition prices increase, you will be made aware of these changes. We may adjust prices for future cohorts.

iPads and textbooks included with most master's programs to enhance your student experience!
Textbooks included with all on campus master's programs to enhance your student experience!