Common questions

Common questions

What is it like to study theology?

Concordia offers the best sort of environment for studying theology: The range of courses is broad, the professors are engaging, and Concordia provides a learning community in which your faith is supported, encouraged and deepened.

Theological studies are rigorous, as with studies in the liberal arts. And for many students the study of theology is also an incredibly joyful and rewarding experience. It allows for studies of life's most profound questions, offers an opportunity to develop a solid foundation for future ministry, and allows for concentrated study of the Word of God. All of this with the assistance of a faculty committed to seeing both your knowledge and faith grow.

What will I be equipped for?

Students commonly go on to teach in Lutheran schools, become pastors, enter lay ministry, become directors of Christian education, or go on to further graduate studies.

What if I’m not Lutheran?

We are indeed a Lutheran Christian university that is proud of its heritage. However, we have students from all kinds of religious backgrounds. All are welcome! The student should understand that the instruction in religion classes will be from the Lutheran perspective. Fortunately, respectful dialog often occurs in and outside of the classroom. This fosters greater understanding and appreciation between all who are taking part in theological studies.