Faculty and facilities

Thom Leadership Education Center

The Thom Leadership Education Center was dedicated in 2000 and includes media-equipped classrooms, a writing lab, a computer lab and a distance learning classroom. Other areas you may specialize in, such as art, music or human performance, are also well equipped.

College of Education teaching faculty

Ronald Bork
Dean of the College of Education
Professor of Education
(402) 643-7475 · Ronald.Bork@cune.edu · TLEC 214A 

Kevin Kromminga
Education Department Chair
Director of Secondary Education
Director of Student Teaching II
(402) 643-7227 · Kevin.Kromminga@cune.edu · TLEC 211C


Annette Oliver
Assistant Professor of Education
Director of the Early Childhood Program
College of Graduate Studies
(402) 643-7474· Annette.Oliver@cune.edu · TLEC 103A


Vicki Anderson
Assistant Professor of Education
Intercultural Studies and Modern Languages Department Chair
ESL/ELL Program Coordinator
402-643-7481 · Vicki.Anderson@cune.edu · TLEC 204C

Russ Moulds
Professor of Education
(402) 643-7438 · Russell.Moulds@cune.edu · Jesse 229 

Bernie Tonjes
Director of Concordia Dual Credit
Associate Professor of Education
(402) 643-7480 · Bernard.Tonjes@cune.edu · TLEC 214D 

Janell Uffelman
Plum Creek Literacy Festival Director
Professor of Education
(402) 643-7318 · Janell.Uffelman@cune.edu · TLEC 103B 

Amanda Geidel
Director of Special Education
(402) 643-7235 · Amanda.Geidel@cune.edu · TLEC 214C

Shanna Opfer
Interim Program Director for Elementary Education
(402) 643-7219 · Shanna.Opfer@cune.edu · TLEC 214B 

Beth Pester
Assistant Professor of Education
Director of Assessment
Director of Middle Level Education
Director of Student Teaching I
(402) 643-7470 · Beth.Pester@cune.edu · TLEC 211B 

Deborah Gebhardt
Adjunct Instructor in Education

Leah Serck
Adjunct Instructor in Education
(402) 643-7300 · Leah.Serck@cune.edu · TLEC 206A


Thad Warren
Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Education
Associate Professor of Education (DCE)
402-643-7476 · Thad.Warren@cune.edu · TLEC 206