Opportunities in and out of the classroom

Concordia Youth Ministry

Concordia Youth Ministry serves youth in the church and Nebraska communities throughout the year. Small groups of students attend and facilitate weekend events for junior high and high school students where they gather for games, devotions and other events that praise the Lord.

The mission of CYM is to serve God and others, to adore Him with praise and worship, to use our leadership to connect youth to their faith in Christ, and to take God’s Word into the world.

The DCE community on campus

We make a strong effort to connect DCE students with DCE faculty from freshman year on. Students that have declared DCE as their program goal can participate in DCE activities, such as the annual fall DCE retreat.


Internships are considered an essential part of the DCE program.

The internship experience is a 12 month paid experience in a parish setting traditionally during the fifth year. Students do have the option of a fourth year internship and to return for their fifth year. [MORE]