Common questions

Common questions

What kind of jobs do art majors from Concordia get?

Our graduates have become professional graphic designers and studio artists as well as teachers, art directors and Web-based digital designers. Several graduates have been accepted to prestigious graduate schools. An important part of a Concordia art education is helping students to understand the mindset of a professional artist.

Since the BFA degree in graphic design and studio art are such professional degrees, can a student graduate with the degree in four years?

Yes. Some students also pursue a teaching degree and that takes more than four years. The advantage they gain is maximum flexibility when seeking employment.

Why is the computer laboratory of tidy and perfect looking?

The state-of-the-art computer laboratory is maintained in a very professional manner. Precise care is also taken to make sure that screens and printer are under color management.

How much will art supplies cost?

For studio courses the typical range is $50 to $100 per course. Students in graphic design courses may also invest in a portable hard drive, although those would be re-usable from one course to the next. All of Concordia's art faculty members work to make requirements for art courses as reasonable as possible.