Special education endorsement for current teachers

This program is intended for current teachers and will lead to an endorsement in the mild/moderate area of disabilities in special education.

This program will provide the practical skills and expertise to prepare a student to be an excellent special education teacher ready to meet the challenges of educating students with special needs in inclusive settings. Graduates of this program will be attractive teacher candidates to school districts seeking to fill special education positions. 

Consider also: These courses would also be considered a part of a Master's degree program should the applicant wish to pursue a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction beyond the endorsement.



Concordia's Special Education Endorsement provides:

  • A foundation of knowledge about learners with special needs, along with the ability to identify and advocate for children and youth with exceptionalities.
  • Current teaching practices for improving the learning, behavior and functioning of students with special needs.
  • Skills to assess, evaluate and develop effective individualized education plans specifically for learners with exceptionalities and disabilities.
  • Instructors in the program who have advanced degrees and years of experience in special education.

This is a program open to teachers interested in adding a mild/moderate special education endorsement to their current teaching certificate. Candidates do not have to be in a teaching position at the time they are taking the coursework but must have access to children of all ages using their local school district, local parochial school, family members, neighbors, church congregation, etc. All courses are eight weeks long and are online which includes videotaping, skyping, discussion boards, etc. 

The endorsement program is 30 credit hours:

  • EDUC 593 Psychology of Exceptionality and Multiculturalism 3
  • EDUC 559 Instructional Methods for Students with Learning Disabilities 3
  • EDUC 576 Behavior Disorders - Behavior Management 3 
  • EDUC 591 Educating Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 3
  • EDUC 592 Assessment and Evaluation of Diverse Learners 3
  • EDUC 558 Current Issues in Special Education and the Law 3
  • EDUC 539 Instructional Methods for Students with Diverse Needs 3
  • EDUC 546 Curriculum and Direct Instruction: Reading 3
  • EDUC 547 Curriculum and Direct Instruction: Math 3
  • EDUC 596 Special Education Practicum 3

A Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Special Education can be attained with an additional 12 credit hours:

  • SOC 565 Serving and Leading in Community and World 3
  • EDUC 594 Educational Research Evaluation and Design 3
  • EDUC 501 Contemporary Thought in Education 3
  • PSY 511 Psychological Foundations to Teaching and Learning 3