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Concordia provides courses and workshops for graduate students designed for impact in the ministries of participants. Nationally regarded educators and experts in the field of lifespan ministry serve as course instructors and workshop leaders. These pastors, DCEs and teachers have a heart for God’s children and the role of faith and ministry within people’s experience.


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Concordia is offering numerous one-day workshops, led by experts and educational leaders from across the country. These offer in-depth knowledge without an extended commitment. Review the entire list below.


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Certificate programs: The courses listed below can be a part of a program of study leading to a Gerontology and Aging Studies Certificate.

Master's program: Courses listed below may also be a part of a Master of Science in Family Life program. All required courses are offered in one-week intensive formats, twice each year. The entire program can be completed this way within two years. Start the coursework now and see how far it can take you in your ministry.

What courses are coming up?

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Register: You may register for a course through Concordia's portal, connectCUNE, after you have been accepted to the College of Graduate Studies at Concordia (apply here).