Program structure



The prerequisite courses are undergraduate courses necessary to adequately prepare a student for the MBA. Students who have completed any of these courses more than five years ago may wish to refresh their knowledge by repeating or auditing the class. Please consult with the MBA Program’s Director for information about waivers. As a general guideline the prerequisite courses consist of:


  •  Introduction to Statistics (required prior to program entry)
  •  Economics (Macro or Micro) (required prior to program entry)
  •  Marketing (required within the first year of the MBA program)


  •  Principles of Accounting
  •  Business Finance


In keeping with the purpose of an MBA, our curriculum is designed to provide the student with the broad spectrum of business knowledge. To this end, the core courses provide advanced instruction in many areas of business. The utilization of an emphasis allows the student, at the same time, to develop an area of expertise. 

The MBA core courses consist of the following 21 credits:

  • MGMT 500 Business Ethics
  • MBA 610 Issues in Human Resource Management
  • ACCT 520 Accounting: Financial Analysis for Decision Making
  • FIN 533 Corporate Finance (Prerequisite: ACCT 520)
  • ECON 510 Managerial Economics
  • MGMT 543 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 590 Strategic Management (Capstone taken in the last nine hours of the program)


The student will select an emphasis and take 15 credit hours of courses prescribed within the emphasis. In addition to emphasis courses you have to take seven core courses. 


CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS (Choose five of the following)

  • MMC 506/806 Group Dynamics and Leadership
  • MMC 520/820 Managerial Communication: Practices and Principles
  • MMC 525/825 Effective Business Writing and the Marketplace
  • MMC 540/840 Public Speaking: Professional Reports and Presentations
  • MMC 547/847 Advanced Interpersonal Communications and Interviewing

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (Choose five of the following)

FINANCE (Choose five of the following)

HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION (Choose five of the following)

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (Choose five of the following)

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (Choose five of the following) 

MANAGEMENT (Choose five of the following)

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (Choose five of the following)

MARKETING (Choose five of the following)

NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT (Take MGMT 560 and MGMT 562 and choose three optional courses in this emphasis.)

Required Courses

Optional Courses (choose three)

  • MBA 550/850 Strategic Marketing
  • MBA 570/870 Legal Aspects of Business Administration
  • MMC 540/840 Public Speaking: Professional Reports and Presentations
  • MPA 540/840 Public Program Evaluation
  • Or any other master’s level public policy course with approval of the program director.

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (Choose five of the following)

RISK MANAGEMENT (Choose five of the following)


In order to successfully complete the MBA program, students may be asked to submit an electronic portfolio including a resume, letter of recommendation, professional development plan, and sample of coursework from each course the student took within the program.