Educational Administration

Concordia’s Master of Education in Educational Administration degree interweaves indispensable information about administrative and supervisory skills with practical application.

Throughout your coursework you will develop an advanced understanding of effective school organization, management and leadership.  



Master of Education, Educational Administration with the following endorsements:

  • Elementary Administration
  • Secondary Administration
  • Elementary & Secondary Administration (Dual)


Additional requirements that must be met prior to certification in the State of Nebraska can be found on the Nebraska Department of Education Teacher Certification website located at:

Candidates seeking administrator certification in Nebraska must hold a current Nebraska teaching certificate and must have the equivalent of two (2) full school years teaching experience in approved/accredited elementary, middle, and/or secondary schools. Candidates from other states must check with their state concerning unique certification requirements.

Program Overview

This program is designed to satisfy the needs of those who wish to serve and be certified as school principals. The sequence prescribed fulfills the educational requirement for certification in Nebraska as an elementary or secondary principal.

In the State of Nebraska, an endorsement shall require 36 or 45 graduate semester hours of credit in an approved program in educational administration. Thirty-six graduate semester hours are required if the principal endorsement and teaching endorsement are at the same level as the teaching endorsement. Those seeking a principal endorsement at a level different from their teaching endorsement or those seeking dual administrative endorsements must complete an additional nine hours, the 45 hour program.

Dual Certification Requirements

The additional nine graduate hours must address the level (elementary or secondary) that is being added and be approved by the Program Director/Certification Officer.

Practicum hours started in EDUC 581 and continued throughout the program must be split between the elementary and secondary levels with a minimum of 125 hours completed at each level.

When a student's teaching experience has been at the middle school level, a specified number of practicum hours may be required at either the elementary or secondary levels.

Dual certification may be sought at both elementary and secondary levels by meeting the requirements of both levels.

Course requirements for an endorsement without a Master's degree are the same as for a Master's degree. The endorsement program is for students who have already earned a Master's of Education from Concordia University, Nebraska with another emphasis and now need the administrative certification.


Graduate students who complete an emphasis in elementary or secondary administration will be able to demonstrate:

  1. a more complete understanding of the school curriculum;
  2. advanced understanding of the principles and techniques of school organization, management and leadership;
  3. advanced understanding of the duties and responsibilities of supervising instruction;
  4. functional familiarity with various processes of educational administration, including political and fiscal management;
  5. understanding, appreciation and performance of the ethics of administering educational systems;
  6. competence and understanding in utilizing school law; and
  7. competence in performance as a school administrator, through effective communication, proficient use of group process, appropriate evaluation and staff development.

Core courses: (listed in the order in which they will be taken)

  • EDUC 581 Introduction to School Administration
  • EDUC 594 Research Evaluation & Design
  • EDUC 501 Contemporary Thought in Education
  • PSY 511 Psychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 551 Curriculum Design and Evaluation
  • EDUC 552 Processes in Elementary and Secondary School Administration
  • EDUC 610 School Resource Management
  • EDUC 554 Supervision of Instruction
  • EDUC 557 School Law
  • EDUC 612 School Community Relations
  • SOC/THEO 565 Serving and Leading in Community and World
  • EDUC 620 School Improvement Processes

Dual Certification: Elementary with added Secondary Certification additional courses (9 hours):

  • EDUC 506 Integrating Technology into the Classroom
  • EDUC 534 Empowering Teachers as Leaders
  • EDUC 566 Reading in Middle and Secondary Schools

Dual Certification: Secondary with added Elementary Certification additional courses (9 hours):

  • EDUC 565 The Young Child: Language and Literacy Development
  • EDUC 507 Reading and Writing Across Curriculums
  • EDUC 524 English as a Second Language Foreign Language Instruction