Becoming a degree completion student at Concordia

Becoming a degree completion student at Concordia
All forms are contained with the downloadable application packet (link below) unless specified otherwise. Please call the degree completion program staff at 888-505-2863 if you need assistance.

Admission requirements
The degree completion program is designed for nontraditional students. Applicants to the program need to have completed 12 semester hours with a grade point average of 2.00 or better. Applicants who do not completely meet all requirements can request special consideration by the admissions committee.

Complete either the degree completion online application or the printable version (contained within the application packet).

Degree Completion Program application fee payment
If you use the online application, you will be offered an opportunity to pay the application fee. If you do not pay at that time, please visit the degree completion application fee page to make payment online at any time.

Official transcript request
Request transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended be sent to Degree Completion Admissions, Concordia University, Nebraska. (If you wish to attend degree completion courses without earning a degree, no transcript is necessary.)

Financial aid information
Our financial services representative will assist you in the financial aid process. Simply contact us at or call 888-505-2863, ext. 6510.

We look forward to determining which program suits your needs and lifestyle.