ISSUES Fall 2008

Fall 2008, Vol. 42, No. 2

Engaging Worshipers Through Music



  • "Reflections" by Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • "Spectators or Participants?" by Amy Kopecky
  • "Are We Following Luther or Arminius?" by Dr. Joseph Herl


  • "Challenges in Engaging Worshipers Through Music" by Jon D. Jordening
  • "The Church's Song: Getting to the Heart of the Matter" by Carl Schalk
  • "Music in Our Brain:Music as a Central Cognitive Property" by Robert Sylwester
  • "Music Education That's Needed in the Church" by Janet Muth

Book Reviews

  • Daniel J. Levitin's This Is Your Brain on Music by Dr. David Held
  • Joseph Herl's Worship Wars in Early Luthernism by Dr. C. Matthew Phillips