Osten Observatory

About Osten Observatory

Concordia University students and the Seward community reap the benefits of an observatory and telescope added in 2002 at the northeast corner of campus along Hillcrest Avenue.

“It has been an important addition to campus," said Robert Hermann, professor of physics. "Students in astronomy classes are able to see and measure the things they are studying in class. Advanced students are able to do research projects using the telescope. The entire campus and Seward community at large benefit from open houses and outreach programs, where they will be able to use the telescope and easily see many of the amazing things in the night sky.”

The facility and telescope were a gift from Reuben and Doris Osten of Nashville, Tenn. Reuben is a 1933 Concordia alumnus.

The 16-inch telescope, computer controlled, allows users to enter the name or coordinates of an object on a keypad. The telescope then automatically pinpoints the object for viewing.

“It allows us to see the bands on Jupiter, distinguish the different rings of Saturn, and see distant nebulae and galaxies,” Hermann said.