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Changing Lives Through Prayer

Thursday, Jun. 15, 2017

Last academic year, the Class of 1970 was challenged to pray for the work of Concordia and to uphold students, as they live each day in God’s grace by becoming prayer partners with university freshmen. The idea is that when the students are graduating seniors, they will join their prayer mentors who will then be Golden Reunion participants.

Concordia’s alumni family now numbers more than 22,000 throughout the country and across the globe. These servant leaders have touched the lives of thousands in their classrooms, offices, businesses, congregations and communities.

Emilie Vincent, ’70 is one of the many alumni servant leaders who committed to this program. She was assigned four young women to mentor and pray with and for during the past academic year.

“My husband and I decided to come back to campus for the Concordia Invitational Tournament (CIT) and meet my students face-to-face,” said Vincent. “It was important to me that I meet with the girls and get to know them. I truly pray for them regularly.”

Beginning the program and learning the best way to communicate was enhanced by a face-to-face meeting.

“It’s a challenge to communicate when you don’t know each other,” said Emilie. “Meeting the girls made a huge difference.”

Everyone benefits from cross-generational relationships – both the students and the alumni.

“I hope to continue building a relationship with the students and continue to pray for them. That’s what the students need and that’s where I like to put my time and energy.”

Alumni from the Class of 1971 are challenged to become prayer partners with the incoming freshman class of 2017-18 and be a part of their dynamic, life-shaping experiences at Concordia.