Parental Support for Your Student

Parental support is a must and by this time, your student is well into the fall semester here at Concordia University, Nebraska. 

These past few weeks have brought changes for you and for your student.  At this time, one of your main duties as a parent is to stay connected with your student.  Phone calls, text and messages are appreciated by students, but you need to have an awareness that they may not respond to every contact, at least not immediately.   Students really appreciate care packages from home, so use this tool as another method of staying in

Continue to check in with your student.  Ask questions, even difficult ones.  Listen to their feelings and thoughts.  Expect to see change in your student and don’t be overly concerned about their changes, unless you believe it to be a large change affecting their belief or value system.  If you do have concerns over a change they are making, talk this over with them. 
Trust that for the most part you have prepared your student to make the right choices in life.

As parents you are aware that there has been a change in the control you have over your student.  Trust that while your control may have changed you still have influence with your student and their decisions.  Students will face difficult decisions during college; your role becomes one of a sounding board and resource for them as they make these decisions.

Your student will have some highs and lows this semester.  You can help your student
weather these by providing them support and encouragement to help them understand this is a normal process for all college students.  But if as a parent you have concerns about
your student’s adjustment to college, choices they are making or other concerns about their welfare, you may need to share these with someone on campus who can discuss these with your student.  There are resources on our campus that are available to you and your student.  The campus pastor is available to meet with students.  We also have a health center on campus which provides free services to students.  The Concordia University, Nebraska Counseling Center is on campus and available to all students free of charge.   As a therapist I am also available to speak with parents regarding their concerns.  You can reach the Counseling Center by emailing or phoning 402-643-7398.

Dina Critel-Rathje,M.S., LIMHP

Concordia University Counseling Center, Director