Homecoming 2013

Homecoming 2013 this year has the theme of O Captain, My Captain.

Whitman’s poem mourns the death of a faithful Captain after a long and treacherous voyage, yet the victory is won. As Christians, we can draw many similarities to the Christ-figure in this poem. However, something even greater can be attributed to our Captain, that is Jesus, who rose from his death and defeated the grave, sin, and Satan. It is this saving grace, this anchor of hope, which allows us to shine with good works and give glory to our
Father. We become a beacon when we share the Gospel; whether that be through spoken word or the smallest act of kindness. So enjoy this Homecoming, knowing that when Christ claimed you as his own in the waters of your baptism, he made you into a light to guide others while crossing the stormy seas of this world before we finally arrive home. 

We are so excited that there are many events for students this year to participate including dress theme days like pajama day, mismatch day, and hometown day. We kick off the festivities on Sunday with a revealing of the homecoming court. There is also a variety show on Wednesday night where students and faculty show off the talents they have as well as a pep rally on Friday night to get everyone pumped for the all the games.

Check out this link for the latest information and schedule of events: http://www.cune.edu/alumni/homecoming/

For additional questions, please feel free to contact Rehema Kavugha in the student life office at 800.535.5494, ext. 6411 or email her directly at rehema,kavugha@cune.edu.