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From the Nurse...

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to all the new parents of Concordia students. My name is Andreea Baker and I am the new Director of Health Services/Campus Nurse. I have been a nurse on a medical/renal unit for 4 years. I have really enjoyed my transition from hospital nursing to more of a clinic setting.

Parental Support for Your Student

Parental support is a must and by this time, your student is well into the fall semester here at CUNE. These past few weeks have brought changes for you and for your student. At this time, one of your main duties as a parent is to stay connected with your student.

What's more important than your student's IQ?

With the first days of the semester now in the rear view mirror, perhaps you’re wondering if your son/daughter is prepared to handle the rigors of college or the fast-changing world that awaits him or her upon graduation. Does your child possess enough intelligence to succeed?


Be prepared for homesickness and be aware that it is not a symptom of immaturity or serious lack of adjustment to college.

President's Welcome

I’m feeling jealous! For the first fall since 1990 Laurie and I are not sending a child off to school. Our youngest, Phil, graduated from college in May. In our experience few things take the place of both the excitement and the anxiousness the first day a new school year brings. We found those feelings were magnified when sending a child off to college.

What about on-campus jobs?

On-campus jobs may be the best answer to the "Dear Mom and Dad, please send money ..." subject. Many students are able to work enough to cover basic spending money needs. And when a student takes an on-campus job, they don't require a car or gas money to get to work and the employer already understands the time schedule for classes and vacations.

How do new students find out about their roommates?

Housing is completed in July. A summer letter is then sent to students who are confirmed to attend Concordia in the fall. Through this letter, students will be directed to find their roommate and room assignment using connectCUNE (Banner). Keep in mind that all assignments are susceptible to changes! Updates and changes will be reflected within the connectCUNE system as well. The student life…
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