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Why FOCUS-2? Analyze your career plan and skills

  • Analyze your career planning status.
  • Assess your interests, skills, work values, personality, and preferences.
  • Discover and explore occupations, career paths, and education programs compatible with your personal attributes.
  • Map out your career and educational goals, action plans, personal development and training needs.

Access FOCUS-2

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(New users: 1. Obtain a keycode by emailing career services. 2. Complete the "Create a new user account" form at the FOCUS site.)

Have your results interpreted and further explore major and career opportunities.  Please schedule an appointment with career services.

More career exploration tools

  • O*NET Online
    This site helps you find jobs and offers a skill search test.
  • Career Key
    Allows you to select jobs based on your personal characteristics. This site also provides information on each profession.
  • Major Exploration
    Princeton Review is an excellent source to find out what your major could lead to career-wise.
  • Major to career converter
    Find out what your current major could lead to careerwise. An online tool provided by

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