International Study, Service, and Mission Opportunities

Global opportunities

Concordia University is committed to equipping its students for leadership, service, and learning in the world. Through international experiences students can discover first hand more about a different part of the world, augment a program of study with an on-site plunge into language and culture or expand their worldview beyond their home town.

The Global Opportunities (GO!) Center is a one stop location (200 Faculty Lane) for information on international study, service, and mission opportunities!

Concordia students should contact the Director of Global Opportunities for more information on any of the international experiences listed below.

International Travel & Study Tours

Students are able to experience another country through short-term travel and study tour activities.

  • Some opportunities may be off-site course offerings where registration in a course for credit is required.
  • Other opportunities are available for the travel and cultural experience (independent study credit optional).  
  • These experiences typically are led by Concordia faculty for one to two weeks during winter, spring or summer breaks. 

Semester or Summer Study Abroad 

A student spends a semester in another country, taking a full course of study and immersing themselves in the culture. The student remains enrolled at Concordia to participate in an approved off-campus program. Summer programs provide shorter opportunities for students to study abroad and gain credit for one or more classes.

  • A student meets with the Director of Global Opportunities to determine study abroad programs that fit their program of study, to pick up application materials, and for guidance through the process.
  • The student also visits with their advisor to determine how the study abroad courses will be credited to their program.
  • A student applying to study abroad must be a student in good standing at Concordia. 

International mission or service-learning experiences

Short-term opportunities are available where outreach and service to (and with) people in another country is the primary focus.

  • Opportunities are sponsored by Concordia, mission organizations, or initiated by individual students.
  • Past projects have included working with children, youth and adults in Bible school activities, English as a second language instruction, and congregational outreach activities.

Exchange programs

Established partnerships with universities in other countries provide the chance for students here and there to learn from each other. Visiting students from international universities provide a global influence right here at Concordia.     

International student teaching or internships

Opportunities are available for student teaching at Lutheran international or partner schools in places like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, or Australia. DCE students interested in world mission outreach have served internships recently with partner churches in eastern Europe and Latin America. 

World & intercultural studies major and minor

Students may want to consider this program for versatile and global vocational goals! The program includes an international practicum experience. 

International vocational options after graduation

A number of Concordia students apply for and have taken positions in global settings after graduation. These options include the Fulbright US Student Program, serving as a LCMS World Mission GEO, serving with the Peace Corps, or teaching ESL abroad. 

Interested? Take the next step

Concordia students should contact Julie Johnston Hermann, the Director of Global Opportunities, for more information on any of the international opportunities listed above.