On-campus jobs

On-campus jobs

POSITION: Advancement Office Assistant

Office:  Advancement

Hours: Varies, 2-2.5 hours daily during office hours; 8a-5p (Employment for Academic Year 2014-2015. Would like the opportunity to continue employment for a few academic years.) Freshman or Sophomore preferred.

Pay:  $7.50/hr                                                                                                    

Description: The Advancement Office Assistant will perform data entry in the Banner Management System along with various projects as assigned.

Qualifications: Must learn Banner Management System. Must have the ability to work independently after training in Banner, dependable, detail oriented, strong verbal and written communication. A working knowledge of Microsoft Office is required.

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student Employment Application' and drop off at Weller 206, or email Leigh.

Contact: Leigh Lewis at 402-643-7240 or Leigh.Lewis@cune.edu

(Updated 7/22/2014)

POSITION: Alumni & University Relations Assistant

Office:  Alumni & University Relations

Hours: Varies,5-8 weekly, more during event weekends (Employment for Academic Year 2014-2015. Would like the opportunity to continue employment for a few academic years.) Sophomore or Junior preferred. Position requires day and night availability.

Pay:  $7.25/hr                                                                                                    

Description: The Alumni Assistant will work to support events and programs through office-related activities for the Alumni Relations office within the Office of Institutional Advancement. The Assistant will help with the execution of alumni communications, provide on-site event support for alumni events including but not limited to Homecoming & Alumni Reunion Weekend and Golden Reunion weekend in May.  

Qualifications: Excellent interpersonal communication skills a must: highly communicative, well-organized, detail-minded with strong written, listening, and verbal skills. Able to work with limited supervision and trustworthy to complete assigned tasks with ability to handle multiple priorities and tasks. Self-starter, able to work independently and meet objectives with confidence. Prefer completion of Freshman year or above in undergraduate studies: highly skilled Freshman will be considered. Computer literacy required including moderate understanding of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and basic office equipment: experience with Banner a plus. Comfortable leading students and a natural networker, comfortable socializing with others from a variety of ages and backgrounds. 

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student Employment Application' and drop off at Weller 206, or email Adam. A writing sample is requested (Short essay, blog, or other samples of no more than 1000 words).

Contact: Adam Hengeveld at 402-643-7341 or Adam.Hengeveld@cune.edu

(Updated 7/21/2014)

POSITION: WEBCAST DIRECTOR for the Concordia Sports Network

Apply HERE 

Location: Concordia athletic venues
Hours: Varies depending on number of home events in a given week (must be willing to work nights and weekends)
Wage: $7.65
Description: Helps produce webcast by setting up/tearing down equipment. During athletic contests directs webcast by switching between cameras, updating score and other on-screen graphics and communicating with camera operators to get desired camera angles.
Job requirements: No experience necessary, only a basic understanding of wide variety of sports. Worker may also serve as a statistician and/or camera operator at some events.

ContactJacob.Knabel@cune.edu or 402-643-7392
(Posted July 7)


Apply HERE 

Location: Concordia athletic venues 
Hours: Varies depending on number of home events in a given week (must be willing to work nights and weekends)
Wage: $7.45
Description: Camera operators run the cameras at home athletic events for live webcasts by the Concordia Sports Network. 
Job requirements: No previous camera experience is necessary, only an understanding of the assigned sport. Training will be provided by the sports information director. Worker is also eligible to serve as a webcast director or statistician.
ContactJacob.Knabel@cune.edu or 402-643-7392
(Posted July 7)

POSITION: Photographer

Apply HERE 

Location: Concordia athletic venues and possible time in office editing photos/video
Hours: 5-10 hours/week are likely (evenings and weekends), depending on number of home games in a given week
Wage: $7.65
Description: Shoot photos and/or video at home Concordia athletic events and then distribute media to sports information director in timely fashion at conclusion of the event. (If only interested in photography or videography, please indicate in application). Duties could also include editing video and creating highlights to be uploaded to YouTube.
Job requirements: Experience with athletic or other photography/video strongly preferred. Ability to use programs such as Photoshop and video editing software preferred.
ContactJacob.Knabel@cune.edu or 402-643-7392
(Posted July 7)

POSITION: Video Production

Office:  Marketing
Hours: Varies, 20 hrs/week maximum (Employment for Academic Year 2014-2015. Would like the opportunity to continue employment for a few academic years.) Position requires day and night availability.

Pay:  $7.50/hr                                                                                                    

Description: This position supports the marketing and communications office and will primarily work under the video producer and multimedia developer to capture footage of various athletic events and edit said footage for any needed marketing content. The student will also assist with any other video needs the marketing office deems necessary. Typical duties include: using DSLR cameras, using various camera equipment, attending athletic events on weekdays and weekends, and editing using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Qualifications: Ability to work independently, keen interest in athletics and athletic media, knowledge of photography terms and basics, knowledge of video production basics, knowledge and familiarity with DSLR cameras, knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, and ability to take creative direction.

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student Employment Application' and drop off at Weller 208, or email Aaron.

Contact: Aaron Nix at 402-643-7387 or Aaron.Nix@cune.edu

(Updated 5/21/2014)

POSITION: weight room supervisor

Office:  Weight Room
Hours: Varies; Fall weight room hours

Pay:  $7.25/hr                                                                                                    

Description: The weight room supervisor helps provide a safe atmosphere, promotes educational awareness of the equipment, and offers assistance to users. The supervisor is responsible for claning and maintaining the weight room.

Qualifications: Current First Aid/CPR certification, effective communication skills, willingness to learn, knowledge of cardio and strength training equipment is helpful. Training will be provided for all workers, preference is given to sophomore and junior students in HHP majors/minors.

To Apply:  Fill out this application and drop off at WALZ-106H, or email Angela.

Contact: Angela Muller at (402) 643-7268or email Angela.Muller@cune.edu

(Updated 7/16/2014)

POSITION: College of arts and science office assistant

Office:  Dean of Arts and Sciences
Hours: 4.5 hours/weekly (8:00am-9:30am M,W,F (Employment for Academic Year 2014-2015. Would like the opportunity to continue employment for a few academic years.)

Pay:  $7.25/hr                                                                                                    

Description: This position supports the Administrative Assistant and the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as the 30+ professors in Jesse Hall.  Typical duties include: copying documents/tests, making changes in Word or Excel documents, and campus errands.

Qualifications: Ability to work independently, knowledge of using copy machines, familiarity with Word & Excel, and take direction from a number of people.

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student Employment Application' and drop off at Jesse Hall 115, or email Bonnie.

Contact: Bonnie Johnson at 402-643-7455 or Bonnie.Johnson@cune.edu

 (Updated 4/30/2014)

POSITION: Counseling Office Peer Educator

Office:  Counseling Office
Hours: Varies; 5 hrs/week on average (Employment for Academic Year 2014-2015)

Pay:  $7.25/hr                                                                                                    

Description: The Peer Educator supports the daily operations of the Counseling Center and  acts as a non-professional educator and liaison to the students of Concordia University,  Nebraska. The Peer Educator assists the DoC with educational and outreach programming on  student issues related to wellness and mental health.

Qualifications: Education: Currently enrolled third or fourth year student at Concordia University, Nebraska. Have a strong academic background in psychology, social work, behavioral science and/or DCE program.   Experience; Have live-in experience in a residence hall environment. Have work or volunteer experience in education, program development. Must have the ability to maintain confidentiality.

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student Employment Application' and drop off at Janzow 204, or email Dina.

Contact:  Dina Critel-Rathje at 402-643-7396 or Dina.Critel-Rathje@cune.edu

 (Updated 4/22/2014)

POSITION: Switchboard operator

Office:  Switchboard
Hours: 10 hrs/week.

Schedule: 11:30-1:30p or 12:00-2:00p (employment for summer and fall, if possible)

Pay:  $7.25/hr
Description: Answer main switchboard incoming calls for the entire campus. Distribute faxes, answer questions, scan newspapers for articles regarding CUNE and other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Good communication and people skills.  Computer skills in the areas of word processing, research data, searching the web and work in Excel.  Writing skills preferred. Honest and dependable. Customer service oriented. Good telephone skills.

Other:  We hope that this summer job would work into the same person doing the same job during the next school and perhaps several years to come.

To Apply:  Fill out an 'On-Campus Student  Employment Application' and drop off at Weller 208, or email Holly.
Contact:  Holly Matzke at 402-643-7279 or Holly.Matzke@cune.edu
(Updated 4/14/2014)

Position: Concordia Diplomat (Application deadline each year in early April for the next fall) 

Hours/week: Varies (available in 1 hour time slots over the lunch hour is a plus)
Description: Greet visiting students and their families, give them a tour of campus and take them to lunch, while sharing your CUNE experiences.
Skills/Qualifications: Exceptional speaking skills and ability to relate well to different type of people required. Must be welcoming, outgoing, eager to share your CUNE experiences with others, have the desire to give visitors a positive Concordia visit. Ability to memorize facts about Concordia and integrate your own personal Concordia stories is also required. Sophomores-seniors preferred.
Contact: Aaron Roberts in the Admissions Office at 402-643-7394 or Aaron.Roberts@cune.edu

Application: Download the application
(Updated 3/27/2014)

Position: Overnight Host

Office:  Admission
Hours: Varies
Pay:  See below
Description: Show a prospective student what the life of a Concordia student is like by housing them overnight.
Special Skills/Qualifications:  Relates well to all different types of people, welcoming, outgoing, eager to share your CUNE experience with others, willing to take prospective students to on-campus and other events, can accommodate a 3rd person in your dorm room. Your roommate must also be comfortable with having your guests overnight in the dorm room. Sophomores-seniors preferred. Overnight hosts are not paid an hourly wage--you will receive a $20 Wal-Mart Gift Card for hosting a prospective student overnight.
Contact:  Lynne Kumm at 402-643-7233 or Lynne.Kumm@cune.edu
(Updated 5/06/2013)

Position: Driver

Department: Human Resources/Student Payroll
Pay: $7.40 per hour
Lincoln Airport (approximately 1-1/2 hours)
Omaha Airport (approximately 3 hours)
Description: The Student Employment Office is looking for students who would like to be on a list for various CUNE departments who request student drivers.
Requirements: Must be 20 years of age, have a valid driver's license and a good driving record.
Contact: Please apply at the Student Employment office, Weller-102 or by email studentemployment@cune.edu (Updated 5/06/2013)