Student Vehicle Registration and Parking

Vehicle Registration

If you are planning to bring a vehicle to campus this year, please be aware that you are required to have a Concordia University Parking permit affixed to the driver's side of your rear bumper by the end of the first week of classes. After that time, parking tickets will be issued to anyone not having a parking permit.

Parking Violations

All parking violations are fined as follows:

  • Parking Violation Fines/Consequences $50
  • Fourth violation-vehicle may be towed, in addition to the $50 fine
  • Unauthorized parking in visitor parking--$50
  • Unauthorized parking in handicap designated areas--$75
  • Parking in Red Fire Zone areas--$75
  • Unregistered vehicle-$20 per day

The schedule for fines is subject to change without notice.

Vehicle Registration is NOT Optional

All vehicles, no exceptions, must be registered or a fine will be issued.

The first permit a student receives is included in his or her fees, so it does not cost a student anything extra to receive one.

However, if you lose your first permit, a replacement permit will cost you $10.00, which is payable in the student financial services office located in Janzow 204. You can then receive a new permit at that same location or at the buildings and grounds office. (For your information, if you get a new vehicle, or a new bumper for your vehicle, or for some other reason need to replace your permit, you may peel off and bring in your old permit and receive a new one free of charge, but only if you return the old permit, whole or in pieces. A blow dryer or hot water is helpful in removing the sticker.) We will not issue permits to vehicles without license plates. You may obtain a Student Temporary Parking Permit hang tag to use until your plates arrive.

Following is a list of the information you will need to fill out the form required to receive a parking permit:

  1. Your J number (student identification number).
  2. Your name.
  3. First and last names of all parents/guardians.
  4. Name of person(s) your vehicle is registered to, and their relationship to you.
  5. License plate number and state your vehicle is registered in.
  6. Vehicle make, model, year and color.
  7. Name of the insurance company covering your vehicle.
  8. Your dormitory name and room number, or off-campus address.
  9. It would also be helpful for you to review the vehicle regulations for Concordia University as printed in your Student Handbook, as it will be necessary for you to sign an acknowledgement stating you understand these regulations.
See also: Please see the current Student Handbook for other details regarding vehicle regulations, registration and parking.