Buildings and grounds

Buildings and grounds

The office of building and grounds provides maintenance, repairs, renovation, grounds keeping and custodial services for the campus.

Vehicle registration and parking

If you are planning to have a vehicle on campus as a student this year, please be aware that you are required to have a Concordia University Parking permit affixed to the driver's side of your rear bumper by the end of the first week of classes. After that time, parking tickets will be issued to anyone not having a parking permit. [MORE]

Reporting an issue to the office of buildings and grounds

If you have a maintenance concern, please contact your building manager or, if you are a student, your resident assistant.  They may use the Work Request Form, below, to submit a new request.

Building managers

  • Brommer Art Center: Don Robson, 402-643-7498

  • Buildings & Grounds: Rick Ihde, 402-643-7422

  • Janzow Campus Center: Gene Brooks, 402-643-7411

  • Janzow Campus Center Dining Hall: Bryan Scherbarth, 402-643-7406

  • Jesse Hall: Brent Royuk, 402-643-7496

  • Link Library: Philip Hendrickson, 402-643-7358

  • Music Center: Kurt von Kampen, 402-643-7378

  • Physical Education & Annex: Drew Olson, 402-643-7347 

  • Residence Halls: Gene Brooks, 402-643-7411 (students should make work requests through their resident assistant)

  • Science Hall: Joe Gubanyi, 402-643-7316

  • Thom Leadership Education Center: Ron Bork, 402-643-7475

  • Walz Human Performance Complex: Drew Olson, 402-643-7347

  • Weller Hall: Dave Kumm, 402-643-7380

  • Weller auditorium: Rev. Ryan Matthias, 402-643-7216


Make a Work Request

Submit a work request by completing the form below. The form may be completed by building managers, building manager assistants, RAs, RCs, and members of Concordia's student life office. (If the form below does not display correctly, please use this alternate link.)