Blackboard at Concordia

Blackboard is Concordia's web-based course management system.

Scheduled maintenance

The reserved backup and maintenance time for Blackboard is Sunday morning from midnight - noon. Blackboard may be unavailable during this time and may be taken down without warning.

Advice on linking

We strongly suggest that you do not bookmark pages within Blackboard. We do not guarantee that the URL of any internal page will remain constant. Access Blackboard only by going through this page or through the university's portal, connectCUNE.

Help accessing Blackboard

Almost all problems reported by users of Blackboard fall into three categories:

  1. Users are running "popup blockers". Several tools inside Blackboard, including chat rooms, use popups. Please disable your popup blocker(s) before running Blackboard.

  2. Users are running firewalls which interfere with Blackboard functions. You may need to configure your firewall to allow Blackboard to function properly. (Open this TCP port to and 2304 (chat).

  3. Make sure your username and password are entered with proper case. E.g. John.Doe rather than john.doe.

    In addition, please check out "Check Browser" in the upper-left menu bar on the Blackboard login page. This will take you to a Browser Check page that will lead you through all the required settings for your browser. Green check marks are good, red X's are not.

Still having problems?

If you continue to have problems, please email the Help Desk.

Learning more about Blackboard

Blackboard is the current version of our course management system.


The following manuals and tutorials are available. Note that these items are only available from on-campus Concordia computers from these links (on our public website). Faculty may access these same items from anywhere by using the "Blackboard for Faculty" course that each of you have inside Blackboard.

Further information

If you have questions about Blackboard please send email to or contact Don Sylwester, Kent Einspahr or Marcile Brehmer