Assessment-Related Research and Analyses

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Noel-Levitz Surveys

Based on a Student Satisfaction Inventory and an Institutional Priorities Survey, Noel-Levitz helps us identify and clarify strengths and challenges through assessment of item importance or priority, satisfaction, and performance gaps. Noel-Levitz Survey Results

National Survey of Student Engagement

Information from universities nationwide about student participation in programs and activities provided for their learning and personal development. Estimates of how undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending college. Survey items represent empirically confirmed "good practices" in undergraduate education. NSSE Survey Results

Graduates and Alumni

Assessments from graduating seniors and alumni 4 and 9 years out. Areas include academics, support services, and administrative services; as well as continuing education plans and employment. Graduates and Alumni Survey Results

General Education

General education assessments and core values assessments from GS 101 and GS 401 students. GE Assessments

Direct Assessment

Departmental efforts to assess broad learning goals. Direct Assessment Across Departments, GE, and Majors

Departmental Assessment Database

Mission statements, goals, strategies, and implementations of assessment efforts, organized by department and program area. Departmental Assessment Database


A 2005 comparison of Lutherans and non-Lutherans at Lutheran colleges and public universities. Part of the “Reclaiming Lutherans Project” sponsored by the Lutheran Education Conference of North America (LECNA). HardwickDay Analyses

Employment and Continuing Education

Statistical Tables

Types of graduate and professional education pursued


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