FYE 101 - First Year Experience

FYE is designed to help first-year students make successful transitions to college student life. Students will explore the opportunities for intellectual, academic, social and spiritual growth they face as a Concordia freshman. Through reading, discussion and writing, students will reflect on the ways their own values, beliefs, goals and learning styles may affect their experiences as students and their professional and vocational paths.

FYE is required of all students as part of the General Education sequence. The course should be taken the first semester in which the student is enrolled fulltime. The requirement is waived for students who transfer to Concordia with at least 24 hours of successful college credit and for adult learners with significant work experience. 


Transitions to college life

  1. Students will better understand the opportunities for intellectual, academic and spiritual growth available to them as Concordia students.
  2. Students will better understand how their own values, beliefs, learning styles and life experiences relate to their academic, professional and vocational goals.
  3. Students will adopt academic, social, spiritual and other lifestyle habits that will improve their chances of succeeding as college students.


Transitions to college life

  1. Students will learn about college student health concerns (e.g., stress, substance abuse, sexual activity).  
  2. Students will learn about differences in learning styles and ways to improve their own study habits and time management skills.
  3. Students will learn about academic and career paths and reflect on their own interests and aptitudes. 

Each instructor will include content areas dealing with the above mentioned goals.

Examples include:

  • Philosophical foundations of academic disciplines
  • Ethics of college student living
  • Christian apologetics related to college student life