Freshman Advisors

The coordinator of advising makes the first assignment of advisors taking into account the program and academic subject area interest of students if that is known. These advisors will assist students through the first year on campus. During the freshman year, students will select another advisor in their program area or academic area of interest and continue with that advisor for the remainder of their time on campus.

  1. Providing support as the incoming students transition to college life.
  2. Pre-registering students for first semester coursework before they arrive on campus. This includes contact with them by letter and telephone.
  3. Serving as a source for information, concerning academic matters, before arriving on campus.
  4. Helping students through orientation and final registration adjustments after arriving on campus.
  5. Monitoring the progress of advisees during the semester and suggesting sources of assistance as necessary.
  6. Being a friend on campus, someone to talk to about any concerns, including non-academic problems.
  7. Providing information about sources of assistance available to students such as career counseling, spiritual counseling, tutors, credit by exam, etc.
  8. Being accessible to advisees by phone and personal meetings during the normal working day, as well as at other times as special needs arise.
  9. Assisting in course registration for the second semester of the freshman year and approving any changes in registration to assure that coursework will meet requirements.
  10. Serving as a contact for parents who may want to share concerns or seek information about the progress of an advisee.

Contact a Freshman Advisor

Freshman advisors can be contacted through the Student Life Office.