Information for Returning Students


Welcome Back!

Returning Students Move in Sunday, August 23, 2015

Please review the information provided below as you get ready for your return Concordia. If you have any questions or concerns about this coming year, please feel free to contact the office of student services.

Arrival Dates for the Fall Semester

  • Football, volleyball and soccer athletes can move into their residence halls on Friday, Aug. 14.
  • New students can move into their residence halls on Friday, August 21.
  • Returning students can move into their residence halls Sunday, August 23.

Exceptions to the above dates need PRIOR approval by the Student Life Office (402-643-7411) and are subject to a charge of $50/day.

If you are in the residence halls before the dates listed above without prior approval you will be charged $50 per day and subject to other sanctions.

Athletes Only:

Contact your coach if you have questions about arrival arrangements and the camp schedule. The dates when the halls open and close for each semester, as well as vacation periods, are published in the student handbook.

Athletic Medical Forms

Opening Service

Opening service for the fall semester is Sunday, Aug. 24, at 7 p.m. and classes begin on Monday, Aug. 25.

Policy For Living Off Campus

Living off campus is something that should be considered well in advance of the fall semester. Please review the current resident requirements policy for more information.

Bringing a Vehicle to Campus?

All students who drive cars on campus will need red parking permits, if your red permit is still readable you can use the same red permit you obtained last year. Please note that this year all parking violations will result in tickets that will be 1st-warning; 2nd-$40; 3rd-$60; 4th-towed. Towing will be at the driver’s expense and will require payment for towing and all previous tickets prior to the release of the car. Please see the additional vehicle registration information provided by the Department of Building and Grounds.

Residence Hall Room Keys and Your I.D. Card

Residence hall keys are distributed at the student life office (SLO, Janzow Campus Center first floor).

All returning students need to stop by at SLO to pick up and sign for their new I.D. card. You will need to turn in your old I.D. card at that time. If you no longer have your old I.D. card, you will need to show a picture I.D. when picking up the new card. If you did not come in for a picture before you left last April, your new I.D. was printed with an older picture on file.  If you did want to update the picture now, the cost would be $10.