International DCE interns are available

What can in intern in our director of Christian education program do for your congregation?

A DCE intern is equipped to lead in any and all religious education ministries of your church. From leadership training to teacher recruitment, from total program development to working alongside the pastor, a DCE intern can help build a strong educational program for your children, youth and adults.

Why an internship for your congregation?

These students will have completed four years of university education, and the internship experience is a chance to put that preparation to work. By helping your congregation, the student will gain hands-on experience in the real-world situations under the guidance of a local supervisor.

Is your congregation interested in working with a DCE intern?

To start the process, or just to get more information, contact us:
Email us at

Write us at:
Concordia University
Attn: International DCE
800 North Columbia Ave.
Seward, NE

Call us at:
800-535-5494, ext. 7437

Wide-ranging Training

The education program for DCEs at Concordia University, Nebraska covers a wide range of topics. The interns are trained in theology, psychology, education, leadership and ministry for all ages. This enables them to assist a wide variety of programs in your congregation, including:

  • Midweek Religious Education
  • Sunday School and Adult Bible Class
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Youth Ministry
  • Adult Education
  • Family Ministry
  • Teacher Recruitment and Preparation
  • Leadership Training

Quality education

Solidly based in the truth of Scripture, Concordia University, Nebraska has been instructing DCEs since 1960, and more than 400 of them are currently serving in congregations around the world. Founded in 1894, Concordia University is an institution of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. With over 1,300 students, its mission is to be a Christ-centered learning community where students are prepared to be dynamic servant leaders in the church and world.

Common questions about Concordia, Nebraska's international DCE interns

Why is Concordia University, Nebraska offering international DCE internships?

Around the world, there is a need for effective Christian education. Concordia’s DCE program is committed to providing strong servant leaders for parish-based education everywhere.

How much will a DCE intern cost?

The congregation is asked to pay the intern a stipend, provide adequate housing, cover moving expenses, taxes, medical insurance, etc. The amount will vary depending on many factors. Please contact the International DCE Office, and we would be happy to discuss your unique situation.

What are the DCE intern’s academic credentials?

The intern has successfully completed all the academic requirements for a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree. Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern will also be certified by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as a DCE.

How long is the internship?

The internship runs for a minimum of 12 months. This allows the student and congregation to work together and begin to see fruit from the partnership.

Is the student coming to teach English?

Yes and no. The main purpose of the internship is to allow the student to use his or her knowledge in the religious education ministry of your congregation. If the student and the congregation agree to arrange some language classes, we require that those classes entail no more than 25 percent of his or her time.